Driven hunt

Driven big game hunt

Hunting season: 01.10 – 31.01. Recommended season: end of October – 15th of January.
Party: minimum 10 hunters

We can offer you two kinds of tariff depending on the hunting area:

"Price list" - the costs of stay and organization + game costs according to the price list
"Lump sum" - stay, hunting organization and game included

The first day of stay begins when the clients arrive at the accommodation in the afternoon, before the dinner. An interpreter welcomes the group and helps to discuss all of the details with the representatives of the relevant Polish hunting area. The group has to learn and accept the Polish hunting regulation.

Every day of hunt that follows has the same schedule: an early wake-up, a breakfast and a travel to the hunting area. There is an obligatory briefing before the hunters finally draw up their position numbers. The hunt itself starts at 7:30 – 8:00. There is a short break at noon and a hot meal is served before the hunt continues. There are up to 10 battues each day depending on the territory and the weather. The hunt ends no later than at sunset. At the end of each hunting day a ceremony is held according to the Polish tradition. The hunters go back to their accommodation in the evening and have a dinner together.

The stay includes hunting organization, accommodation, meals and the assistance of an interpreter.