1. Booking your hunt

    The first step to book your hunting adventure is filling the booking form (attachment) where you can indicate the kind of hunt, the number of hunters in your party, single rooms needed, your arrival and departure date, the number of outings and the amount of game that you would like to shoot. You must also submit (either by fax, mail or email) the insurance and hunting licenses of all the hunters in your group. While booking a hunt, the representative of each group commits himself to make an advance payment of at least 30 % of the agreed price by a transfer to Foret-Pol’s bank account:

    CODE IBAN: PL 11 1090 1157 0000 0001 1018 1026

    If no advance payment is made at 30 days before the arrival date of the group (individual hunt) or 60 days before the arrival of the group (driven hunt), the hunt is cancelled and no claims can be made against the Foret-Pol agency. The final settlement (regarding trophies and other services) is made after the hunt, when an official protocol is completed and signed. The hunters must pay in cash (Euro) and the money is collected by the agency’s representative.

    The hunters may bring accompanying persons if they declare that option earlier. The accompanying person willing to assist in the hunt must submit a valid insurance.

  2. Documents

    You will need the following documents to hunt in Poland:
    - ID card or passport
    - valid hunting license
    - European Firearms Pass
    - valid insurance
    - valid certificate of vaccination for hunting dogs (if any)

  3. The price includes:

    - hunt organization
    - accommodation in a hunting lodge/hotel in a double or triple room with full board
    - the assistance of an interpreter
    - preparation of the trophies
    - the assistance of a Polish stalker (individual hunt)
    - transport in the hunting area (driven hunt)

  4. The price does not include:

    - a single room (an additional fee is charged when a single room is ordered, when a hunter comes alone or when the number of hunters is odd)
    - transport in the hunting ground on an individual hunt
    - tips for stalkers, interpreter and beaters

  5. Cancellations and modifications

    Cancelling your hunt is possible until 30 days before your planned arrival (individual hunt) or 60 days before your planned arrival (driven hunt). Otherwise, every hunter has to pay the price of 2 days of organization, including accommodation and meals.

    As for lump sum mode, the hunt needs to be cancelled no later than 60 days before the planned arrival under penalty of 30 % of the total value. All of the amendments and modifications regarding the dates of the hunt, extending or shortening the stay etc. should be announced no later than 15 days before the client’s arrival. Failure to comply will result in rejecting any claims related to delayed modifications.

  6. Insurance

    Every hunter has a civil liability insurance provided by a relevant organization (hunting club or state forest). The insurance covers all of the accidents which may occur during the hunt. This insurance, however, does not cover bodily injuries to property to third parties resulting from a shooter’s deed, extermination of harmful animals or the dogs under his custody, ill-fated accidents, material losses (such as damaging a firearm, telephone or outwear), accidents occurred due to alcohol or drug use or any situation which does not result directly from hunting activities.

    However FORET-POL do not extra charge for Civil Liability Insurance. Each hunter should hold a valid individual civil liability insurance policy covering participation in the hunting on Poland Territory. If you are not covered via a civil liability insurance policy by your national hunting association , so you are committed to subscribing directly a Personal Civil Liability insurance covering all guarantee during the huntings which you entered.

  7. Firearms and ammunition

    Hunting in Poland allows exclusively the use of hunting firearms, semi-jacketed ammunition or shot shells, with minimum energy of a bullet at 100 m from the muzzle:

    1) 2 500 J – for moose
    2) 2 000 J – for red deer, fallow deer, mouflon and wild boar;
    3) 1 000 J – for roe deer, wild boar piglets and predators.

    As for the scope, a maximum enlargement of 3 times is allowed on the driven hunts. Bigger enlargements are allowed on driven hunts with high seats or for individual hunting.

  8. Dogs

    Every hunter has a possibility to take his dog along on a hunt under the condition of declaring that fact to the Foret-Pol agency. The owner of the dog should arrange the conditions and a daily fee for keeping the animal at the accommodation before the arrival to Poland. The owner is entirely responsible for providing his dog with food.

  9. The protocol

    A protocol is drawn up at the end of every hunt and involves the hunter, the interpreter and a representative of the organizing party. This document specifies the amount and type of game taken during the hunt, as well as the size of the trophies collected. The protocol allows the hunter to bring his trophies to his country of origin without any customs clearance. Moreover, this is a basic document for any settlement with Foret-Pol. The agency respects your complaints and remarks only if they are mentioned in the protocol and only such reservations may be subject to any claims against Foret-Pol. Weighing and measuring of your trophies should occur 24 hours after their preparation. Estimation of the trophies’ weight and length is also acceptable.

    The protocol should be drawn up in 4 identical copies and signed by the hunter, by the organizing party and by the interpreter. Once signed, the protocol becomes final and the agency will not respect any claims other than stated in the document. The client receives one copy of the protocol.

  10. Regulations and fines

    Every hunter coming to Poland commits himself to respect the Polish law on hunting (see attachment). Any game taken during the hunt must be reported in the protocol. Otherwise, the game will be considered as illegally taken, and so will be any piece of game killed in the closed season or without the consent of a Polish stalker.

    Failure to comply with the safety regulations and hunting under the influence of alcohol or any kinds of drugs may result in interrupting the hunt and expelling the hunter. In this case, the client has no right for compensation.

    Unlawful hunting is subject to the following fines:

    1) 14.000 PLN for each moose;
    2) 5.800 PLN for each red deer;
    3) 5.500 PLN for each sika deer;
    4) 2.300 PLN for each fallow deer;
    5) 2.300 PLN for each wild boar;
    6) 2.000 PLN for each roe deer;
    7) 1.800 PLN for each mouflon;
    8) 1.000 PLN for each piece of game of species other than above-mentioned.

    In case of illegally taking a male of any deer species, the fine is increased by the value of its trophy (brut weight of deer antlers / brut weight of roe deer antlers with skull, without mandible).

    1) moose (brut weight):
    a) up to 6,0 kg - 2.000 PLN,
    b) 6,0 kg and more - 7.000 PLN;

    2) red deer (brut weight):
    a) up to 5,5 kg - 2.000 PLN,
    b) 5,5 kg and more - 7.000 PLN;

    3) sika deer (brut weight): a) up to 2,0 kg - 1.000 PLN,
    b) 2,0 kg and more - 2.500 PLN;

    4) fallow deer (brut weight):
    a) up to 2,6 kg - 1.500 PLN,
    b) 2,6 kg and more - 3.000 PLN;

    5) roe deer (brut weight):
    a) up to 0,43 kg - 1.000 PLN,
    b) 0,43 kg and more - 5.000 PLN.

    In case of unlawful hunting by any method other than using a firearm, the fines specified in the paragraphs 1-3 are increased by 20 %. Only the authorized representatives of competent national administration institutions are allowed to collect the fines. All of the above-mentioned fines must be paid directly.